Save Money By Using Old Cardboard Boxes

As parents, we all want to ensure that our children have the best in life. This includes the best possible toys for entertainment and play. Often while we are attempting to purchase the newest and most popular toys we forget one simple truth. We forget that our little bundles of joy are often easily entertained. In fact, the simplest toys can provide hours of entertainment and fun. So, why not utilize tools that you have at home to create a craft that your children will love? Common tools used to make fun crafts are: glue, tape, glitter, and cardboard boxes. Check out these fun crafts and toys made from cardboard boxes. 

Why waster money buying expensive doll houses when you can easily make one with supplies at home for a cost efficient price? It only requires boxes, glue, paint, and imagination. 

Make completing homework more fun by designing a personalized desk out of a cardboard box. Your children can even color or paint on their new desk. This could be an outlet to encourage the completion of homework and academic activities. 

Stop wasting money on expensive town pieces for dolls and cars. Use available resources to form a make- believe town for your children. You can make vehicles and characters from construction paper to include in the play town. For fun you could place a train tunnel made of a large box in the middle of the craft town. If you have children interested in pirates, the town could be on the base of an ocean; creating a pirate ship from boxes is fairly simple and creative. This is also a fun activity your children may love.

Encourage anticipatory play by crafting boxes into household items. You can make a piggy bank, a dishwasher, a sewing machine, an oven, and much more.

Other crafts include a grocery store with a cash register. This allows a child the opportunity to create a world of make believe. As children grow older parents may want to utilize this toy to teach mathematical skills. Play money can be easily accessed online eliminating a need to make a purchase in stores. 

Tents, campers, and elevators are popular home made toys as well. However, these require larger boxes than the other toys listed. 

Furthermore, parents can save money by creating game based toys. Arcade games and golfing games are easy to make with available boxes. This can help save money considering store bought games can be quite costly. 

Finding toys for your children to play with is as simple as looking around your house. Using your imagination with old boxes can be an outlet for much fun. Helping in the creation of a new toy could be a fun experience for children as well. Information about “ do it yourself” projects are available on the web; Pinterest is one of the most resourceful “do it yourself” sites online. Research Pinterest and other online sites to find information about “do it yourself” projects you can complete at home with your children.